A number of the projects in my portfolio are the result of creative collaboration. Contributions are noted below. Stock (imagery, illustration, video and audio) is not credited.

Thumbnail of Zeiders bannerstands


8 ft exhibit bannerstands for Zeiders Enterprises

Art direction: Sherri Arnaiz
Digital compositing: Mark Gilvey

Thumbnail photo of Columbus Grill signage

Columbus Grill

Exterior Signage designed for Columbus Grill

Art direction: Sherri Arnaiz
Digital compositing & retouching: Mark Gilvey
Photography: Mark Gilvey

Thumbnail of GMU signage components

GMU Field House

70ft Mural designed for the interior wall of the GMU Fairfax Campus Field House.

Art Direction & production: Sherri Arnaiz
Field House photo & digital compositing: Mark Gilvey
Illustrations: Andre Medina

Thumbnail of print ads

Carole A. Berk, Ltd.

Print advertising for Carole A. Berk Ltd.

Art direction & production: Sherri Arnaiz
Photography: Luisa DiPietro