Hand-crafted Digital Communications



For over 30 years I have loved my job. I get to communicate ideas, teach, research, solve problems, build relationships and best of all, use art to make it happen. I have spent my entire career in advertising and marketing and it is a very, very exciting feeling to help a small business grow or a non-profit effect change.

With the rise of the internet, reaching a mass audience became possible for small budgets. Websites and online advertising replaced print ads for many small businesses.

All that access has come with a price. Communicating across the ever-expanding digital universe has meant mastering rapidly changing technology and an astounding number of marketing channels.

I have a mission to help my clients understand the technology and their marketplace and to make good decisions.

Sherri Arnaiz, LLC. is a digital creative agency that specializes in webdesign, branding, advertising and marketing for small business, non-profit and local government organizations.